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8 natural remedies that help speed up labor

emedies help speed up labor
emedies help speed up labor

8 natural remedies that help speed up labor

When the wait seems endless, the idea of ​​how to speed up the delivery happens to all of them. Beyond being proven by science, some techniques can work for you.

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. So the last days can be endlessly long. The weight is overwhelming, you don’t sleep well and the desire to hold the baby in your arms grows daily. It goes through all of their minds: how to speed up the delivery.

The recommendations that we will give immediately are more supported by individual experience than scientific research.

For this reason, we are not going to ignore the value of what other women have experienced, of alternative therapies and popular knowledge as options to induce labor naturally.

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What options are there to advance labor?

Although the factors that influence a natural birth are still under study, it is known that there are tricks that can positively affect two fundamental aspects to advance labor: the mother’s state of mind and the position of the baby.

Exercises to advance labor

Unless there is an express indication from your doctor to rest, moderate physical exercise is always beneficial for proper pregnancy development and later to trigger labor.

Walking at a moderate pace and regularly during pregnancy is an excellent option. So is dancing, swimming, or sports practices such as yoga and Pilates, in their versions for pregnant women. There’s also the best exercise of all: having sex with your partner.

However, some exercises can help the baby fit properly in your pelvis and, consequently, speed up labor. In this sense, check with your doctor to perform these exercises when you reach 37 and 40 weeks.

1. crawls

Being in the position where you suspend your abdomen supported by your hands, knees, and feet is supposed to help your baby take the ideal labor position.

You can walk “on all fours” as many times as you want a day, without exhausting yourself.

2. Squat

Perform a recurring squat. In front of your partner or someone with strength, grab each other by the arms, crouch down and walk squatting.

You can repeat this exercise as many times as you feel comfortable, always to the point of not getting fatigued.

3. Climb stairs

Go up all the stairs that you find in your path. It is an excellent exercise to promote the descent of the baby.

4. Rock on the rubber ball

Exercising on a rubber ball strengthens the back, abdomen, and pelvis muscles, which makes it easier for your baby to lower his head.

The rubber ball is also used in many delivery rooms during the dilation process, since it is more comfortable to sit on it than on a chair or in bed.

The ideal exercises to perform on the rubber ball are those to strengthen the pelvic floor, which are those in which you contract and relax all the muscles in this area, such as drawing an 8 with the pelvis or moving it back and forth.

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It is important that when selecting the rubber ball with which you are going to exercise, you take into account your height:

  • If you are less than 1.50 meters tall, use an 18-inch ball.
  • If you are between 1.50 and 1.60 meters, use a 55 centimeter.
  • Those who measure between 1.60 and 1.70 meters, should select the 65 centimeters.
  • If you measure between 1.70 and 1.80 meters, the appropriate one is the 75 centimeters.
  • For those that measure more than 1.80 meters, the appropriate option is 85 centimeters.

5. Massages to advance labor

There are several types of massages that promote labor. If you are looking for specialists in these techniques, they must be one with experience in pregnant women. This can tell you the best way to perform these massages for yourself or your partner.

6. Reflexology

Inside the arch of the foot, on the thumb and between the toes, energy points can be stimulated to induce labor naturally.

  • On the inside of the foot’s arch, just in front of the heel, apply firm, but painless pressure. This point is also helpful in relieving severe pain during labor.
  • Press firmly on the center of your thumb for a few minutes, and then switch to the other thumb. With this pressure, the pituitary gland is stimulated to release the necessary oxytocin, which causes contractions in the uterus.
  • On the sole, between the thumb and the second toe, apply pressure to one toe in length. You will identify this point because it will feel softer.

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7. Acupressure

This technique locates the body’s energy points that can promote and advance labor, since it stimulates them from the pressure you apply in these areas. You can do the massages yourself or ask your partner to do them for you:

  • Press or massage the top of the skin between your hand’s thumb and forefinger. This point affects the large intestine, which surrounds a part of the uterus and stimulates contractions.
  • Press and massage the highest point of your shoulder muscle.
  • Apply pressure to the inside of the ankle. This helps the cervix mature and strengthen weak contractions.
  • To help the baby descend into the pelvis, apply pressure to the point between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon.
  • Massage the lower part of the back for a minute, at the point where the back ends and the gap that separates both buttocks begins.
  • With your tongue, press on your roof of the mouth as far back as possible.

7. Self-massage of the perineum

To prepare the pelvic area for childbirth, you can perform a self-massage of the perineum, which helps the elasticity of the vaginal tissues. You can also ask your partner to massage this area, which will help you relax gently.

The anxiety of the final days of pregnancy does not help you start labor. Everything that is in favor of your relaxation and at the same time stimulates the contractions of the uterus is welcome.

A gentle massage between the area between the vagina and the anus may be what you need.

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Final reflection

Among the popular tips you will also find recommendations such as taking a bath with hot water, talking with your baby, eating foods such as chocolate, garlic, spicy or curry, taking infusions of raspberry leaves or stimulating the nipples. They are all very valid home remedies.

Beyond not being scientifically proven, they can help you find the state of tranquility that your body and mind need to start the long-awaited labor.